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07/25/99 01:10:08 PM

Welcome to the totally New Digimoe. website which is hopefully here to stay (http://www.lehigh.edu/~awh3/digimoe/) 

Brief Overview  Welcome To The Digimoe. Mailing List Home Page! Digimoe is here to let moe.rons of the list talk about the digital taping and trading of moe.Posts to the lists should remain relevant to the topic, but we don't mind slight digressions. Feel free to post if you are looking for a tape and yah just cant seem to find it!! 

Digimoe. Trees/ Vines 

  • Current Trees: None Start One Today and I will post the sturcture Here! 
  • Current Vines: moe.Shin Is once again Starting Up Check here for the Structure if yah forgot if yah are on it


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